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Anointed Business Solutions, LLC
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Anointed Medical Coding Solutions
We, at Anointed Medical Coding Solutions, specialize in Revenue Cycle accounts receivable follow up, technical denial resolutions, medical billing, and coding. We also offer training in medical coding and for coding certification.

Explore what services are right for you:

Medical Billing and Coding

We aim to successfully submit clean-claims for processing 100% of the time. Services include:

  • Claims filing
  • Claims edit corrections
  • Provider querying
  • Clinical documentation abstraction

Accounts Receivable Follow Up 

We thoroughly follow up on your claims to ensure prompt payment. Available services are:

  • Claims status checks
  • Claims corrections
  • Payment verification and documentation

Technical Denial Resolutions

We work your claims denials for reimbursement and/or process improvement to limit and eliminate billing errors. We offer: 

  • Coding error corrections
  • Reconsideration Filings
  • Appeals Filings
  • Identification of enrollment issues

Medical Coding Training and Prep of Certification

We equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities to aid providers in accurate coding for clean claims billing. We do this by:

  • Teaching coding guidelines for understanding, application, and synthesis 
  • Training for accurate medical billing procedures
  • Training for medical coding certification
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Anointed Medical Coding Solutions
Here to offer our best to meet your Revenue Cycle and clinical documentation improvement needs. 

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