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Anointed Business Solutions, LLC
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Ram'on travels all throughout the state of South Carolina speaking and teaching on financial matters affecting Christians, churches, religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses.  He has also developed a series of dedicated workshops on topics such as giving, financial stability, and best practices in business management. Ram'on has presented at numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars and he is also the author of several books.  He his always eager to offer information that will prove beneficial to improving the overall financial and operational health of businesses and organizations as well as the spiritual health of individuals.  Ram'on's 2017 teaching series topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • GSL - Give, Save, Live  

  • The Basics of Financial Management for Nonprofit  Organizations and Religious Institutions

  • Business Plan Development 101 

  • Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial Study

  • Money Matters - A Personal Approach to Reaching Your Financial Goals One Step at a Time​

​Additionally, Ram'on provides customized training upon request for boards, churches, and nonprofit organizations on matters such as policy and procedure development and implementation, short-term and long-term strategic planning, succession planning, and vision casting. 
Here to offer our best to meet your needs with efficiency and excellence.